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Specialized tests

Specialized tests are necessary to accurately formulate effective personalized medicine. Every individual has a unique genetic variation and have different levels of exposure to potentially harmful toxins (called xenobiotica). The specialized tests are able to measure the existing levels of liver detoxification metabolites (small molecules). This provides important information to exactly what causes certain health complications. Additionally, during the test, special challenge substances are administered to patients which allows the scientists to evaluate specific metabolic pathways and products in the liver. The results from the tests are used to track the origin of the problem and enable treatment of the root cause rather than the symptoms.

The above mentioned tests are very unique and is part of the Green Health’s service offering. The first step towards making informative decisions involving your health starts with scientific testing to eliminate any guess work or opinions.

To help us to understand your specific

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Biotransformation test

The concept of the Biotransformation test originated from a problem confronting many health experts every day: - patients experiencing chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, diabetes, premature ageing, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative disorders and a variety of other degenerative illnesses stemming from unknown sources. 

Research has shown that many of these illnesses could be connected to a common factor- the devastating effect of a toxin overload. Potential toxins may even include body-own compounds like hormones which become harmful if they are not correctly processed by the liver. The liver is an accurate, health barometer for the rest of the body.

This specialized Biotransformation test comprehensively assess liver function and the processing of toxins. This provides powerful insight into the root cause of some of the above-mentioned health challenges

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Hormone metabolism test

Hormones like estrogen are processed (metabolized) by the liver. If this process does not work effectively, reactive breakdown products may be produced. Different breakdown routes in the liver produce either “good” or “bad” products. These so-called “bad products” are associated with medical conditions like breast cancer. 


Our new hormone biotransformation test can monitor the breakdown process and (if necessary) subscribe corrective treatment. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

We are excited to announce our new hormone biotransformation test which can determine how well your liver cope with eliminating potential toxic hormones.

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