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Personalized medicine has the potential to tailor therapy, which ensures better patient care and optimal treatment efficiency (with the best response and improved safety margin). By enabling each customer to receive earlier diagnosis, risk assessments, and optimal treatments, personalized medicine holds promise to improve prognosis.Green Health offers specialised personal medicine, backed by scientific research. The first step in the process is to complete the Health Quiz, which determines your health status. Thereafter, specialised tests are performed to develop a targeted treatment strategy for your unique needs.

You will receive a scientifically formulated medicine solution, tailored according to your unique needs. This is different from existing off the shelf medicine, where the active ingredients and dosage volumes are generally produced and does not address the exact requirement for your body. The superiority of this approach is further reflected in the large number of treatment cofactors and substrates used which are not all part generic off the shelf formulations.

Furthermore, progress of the personalized medicine treatment can be scientifically measured through a follow-up analysis after a few weeks of your treatment. The personalized treatment formulation is then updated according to the progress made.

Personalized medicine holds promise to improve prognosis

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