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ADR Plus is a unique formula with vitamins, minerals and herbs to naturally assist the adrenal glands for optimal functioning. The adrenals play a role in the regulation of blood sugar, weight loss, stress and fatigue reduction.


Directions for use:

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 before 2 pm


This product is fre from preservatives, flavourants, artificial colourants, yeast, gluten, sugar and dairy products.

PMR Nutrition ADR Plus 60 Veggie Caps

  • Amount per capsule:

    Vitamin B5 200 mg
    Magnesium  100 mg
    Ginseng Complex 185 mg
    Liquorice (4:1) Extract 33 mg
    Rhodiola Extract 3 % 73 mg
    Vitamin B3 13 mg
    Vitamin B1 13 mg
    Sarsaparilla 33 mg
    Astragalus 33 mg


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